CapabilitySS: Removing barriers to care and elevating experiences to maximise impact

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Fluent Group successfully addressed Capability Support Services’ (CapabilitySS) challenges by improving therapist collaboration, reducing administrative burdens, and enhancing data security.

Administration team, therapists and the Director.

About Capability Support Services

CapabilitySS is a registered NDIS provider located in Australia that specialises in offering comprehensive Allied Health services across South East Queensland (SEQ). Their approach is holistic, aiming to enhance the quality of life for individuals with developmental and neurological differences, including autism. The services offered include Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Positive Behaviour Support, and Habit Coaching. CapbabilitySS creates personalised Shared Care Plans for each participant to achieve their goals through a team-based approach, ensuring therapies are integrated and functional within the participant’s everyday life.


CapabilitySS, a mixed therapy provider, faced significant challenges with their existing system, which relied heavily on Excel, Word, and Google Drive, resulting in inefficient processes and privacy concerns. After trialling a different software system that didn’t meet their expectations, they approached Salesforce and were referred to Fluent Group for a solution. CapabailitySS struggled with seamless collaboration among therapists, an overwhelming administrative burden, and ensuring the utmost care in handling participant data. They needed a comprehensive solution to enhance therapist coordination, reduce administrative tasks, and secure sensitive information, all while being responsive to urgent needs and providing real-time feedback from therapists.


Deliver an exceptional care experience for NDIS participants

Empower therapists to provide outstanding care

Safeguard participant data with the highest standards

Challenge 1

As a mixed therapy provider, CapabilitySS faced the challenge of ensuring that therapists across different specialties could work together seamlessly.

  • Utilised Salesforce by implementing Sales Cloud to transform CapabilitySS’s workflow.
  • Provided therapists with a comprehensive view of participant information.
  • Enabled therapists to see all relevant details at a glance.
  • Facilitated effortless sharing of insights and updates among therapists.
  • Ensured all therapists work from a shared care plan in real-time.

Challenge 2

CapabilitySS needed to address the significant administrative burden on their therapists, which was consuming valuable time that could be better spent delivering high-quality care.

  • Implemented carefully designed Lightning record pages and automations.
  • Provided therapists with real-time views of participants’ used and remaining budgets, apportioned to required therapy services.
  • Utilised Salesforce Reports & Dashboards to give a clear overview of current caseloads and automatically generate real-time invoicing and caseload reports.
  • Simplified periodical invoicing with dynamic report generation.
  • Synced therapy session records with therapists’ events, providing a visual representation of past and upcoming sessions through the Salesforce Calendar.

Challenge 3

CapabilitySS faced the critical challenge of ensuring that participant data was handled with the utmost care.

  • Leveraged advanced security features and sharing capabilities built into Salesforce.
  • Ensured therapists have access only to necessary participant details.
  • Maintained high standards of data protection and privacy.
  • Provided a secure and reliable environment for managing sensitive participant information.
  • Enabled therapists to deliver exceptional support while ensuring the utmost data privacy and integrity.

Fluent Group Solutions

Fluent Group helped Capability Support Services by utilising Salesforce and implementing Sales Cloud to streamline therapist collaboration, enhance information accessibility, and protect participant data, allowing therapists to deliver superior care with greater efficiency and enhanced security.

Streamlined Therapist Collaboration

CapabilitySS faced the complex challenge of ensuring seamless collaboration among therapists, each with different rates, item codes under NDIS, and budgets. Fluent Group addressed this by utilising Sales Cloud to transform CapabilitySS’s workflow. The system provided therapists with a comprehensive and unified view of participant information, enabling them to see all relevant details while protecting sensitive data like budget visibility. This collaborative approach allowed therapists to effortlessly share insights and updates, working from a shared care plan in real-time. Fluent Group’s solution also managed complex algorithms to convert dollars into hours, ensuring accurate and efficient resource allocation. As a result, therapists are aligned, informed, and able to provide the highest level of coordinated care, with the real-time capabilities of Sales Cloud enabling timely interventions and adjustments to care plans, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the therapeutic process and improving participant outcomes.

“Jumping ship to Salesforce with Fluent Group has been the best business decision I’ve made. The team at Fluent Group have been so professional, hardworking and are an exceptionally talented team to work with. They have gone above and beyond to meet our expectations.

We’re incredibly pleased with what they’ve created and happy to continue working with them to keep building endless opportunities for our business with Salesforce.

I want to continue our partnership with Fluent Group as they have understood our business needs from day one and have tailored their solutions to meet our business needs.”

– Shokria, Director

Enhancing Information Accessibility for Therapists

CapabilitySS encountered the significant administrative burden of managing therapist workloads and ensuring accurate participant information was readily available. Fluent Group tapped into Salesforce features to address this, implementing carefully designed Lightning record pages and process automations. They worked closely with CapabilitySS to utilise all relevant Salesforce features, including Pathways, to streamline processes.

Fluent Group provided therapists with real-time views of participants’ used and remaining budgets, enabling efficient management and allocation of resources across therapy services. Salesforce Reports offered a clear overview of current caseloads, automatically generating real-time invoicing and caseload reports.

Furthermore, therapy session records automatically synced with therapists’ events, providing a practical visual representation of past and upcoming sessions through the Salesforce Calendar. Fluent Group also introduced CapabilitySS to a wish list of potential features like invoicing, messaging, AI, and reminders, showcasing the endless ways to utilise Salesforce products.

This comprehensive solution empowered therapists to deliver a higher level of care by reducing administrative tasks and enhancing information accessibility, ultimately supporting participants more effectively on their NDIS journey.

Safeguarding Participant Data

CapabilitySS experienced the critical challenge of safeguarding sensitive participant information, essential for maintaining their code of ethics and confidentiality rules. Fluent Group addressed this by leveraging the advanced security features and sharing capabilities built into Salesforce, providing CapabilitySS with peace of mind about data security.

When an external issue with Google threatened participant data privacy, Fluent Group stepped in to resolve it, ensuring continued confidentiality and privacy. This intervention allowed more participants to be onboarded with confidence.

By implementing robust data protection strategies and utilising Salesforce’s powerful security features, Fluent Group ensured that therapists had access only to the specific participant details necessary for their support. This comprehensive solution created a secure and reliable environment for CapabilitySS to manage sensitive participant information, allowing therapists to focus on delivering high-quality support without compromising data privacy and integrity.


Fluent Group successfully implemented Sales Cloud (Enterprise Edition) along with the Drive Connect AppExchange package to create an economical, user-friendly platform. This solution enables Capability Support Services to effectively support the community with ease and efficiency.

Results and Benefits

Onboarded 10 new therapists within 3 days with the new streamlined process.

Four weeks post-launch, 40 participants are now active. This is a 50% increase in onboarding efficiency, as they would have remained referrals with the longer previous process.

The new Salesforce process reduced onboarding time from 8 hours to 2 hours, a 75% efficiency improvement.

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