Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release

– Feb 2, 2022
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With the new year comes another Salesforce update that will provide continued platform improvements for platform users. We’ve deciphered the Spring ‘22 release notes to identify the top three features that we think will provide the greatest impact for your business. While the overall release doesn’t introduce any drastic new capabilities, it provides users with a suite of solid updates that will improve the platform and result in a more seamless user experience. We love Salesforce for its unrivalled usability and this release further cements why we think it’s the best CRM on the market and as these releases demonstrate, it’s always getting better.

1. Convert workflow rules to Flows migration tool

Salesforce is moving Automations from the existing tools Workflows/Process Builder to be mastered within Flows. This smart update ensures that all of your automations can be managed within one, powerful place. This singular view of automations creates confidence by providing a clear view of your automation workflows, including their actions and execution order. For more information on this feature, click here.

2. Run your business from an iPad / Tablet

Salesforce Lightning Apps are now available as a full-width tablet experience via the Salesforce iOS or Android app. This enhancement creates welcome flexibility for users who will be able to enjoy a seamless app experience and increased productivity while working away from their desk. We think it’s a great upgrade that coincides with work travel (hopefully) resuming again. Click here to learn more about this flexible feature.

3. Edit multiple fields inline in a report

The ability to edit multiple inline fields is a great way to save time. Experience efficiency with Salesforce’s new feature that allows users to make changes to multiple rows or columns quickly on the report run page and then save changes with a single click This update introduces a very easy method of updating statuses and cleaning data without rerunning reports. This will initially be released in beta and will therefore require your system administrator to enable this feature, but for more information in the meantime, click here.


You don’t have to wait long to benefit from these new features. Salesforce’s Spring 22 release comes into effect from 14 February 2022.

For Fluent Group customers on our managed services program, we will automatically review and implement these Salesforce changes and many more, for you. If you’re not engaged with a Fluent ongoing support agreement but would like some extra release support, reach out to our team and we’ll work out the best path to assist you.

Do you have further questions about the upcoming release? Contact us to interpret the changes so you can maximise the new features.

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