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me&u is an app-less digital menu platform that streamlines restaurant ordering with a tap of your phone. It eliminates queues, creates contactless ordering and enables cashless transactions, so restaurants have more time to focus on delivering the best experience possible. With personalised real-time menu display, POS integration and an instant feedback option, me&u is redefining the future of hospitality.

me&u goals

me&u understood the value and potential of their product and needed to set themselves up for long-term success. When they engaged Fluent Group, they were already using Sales Cloud to support their sales efforts in targeting hospitality venues as potential clients. However, their existing process was unable to significantly scale without further technical support, and the onboarding process for new clients required greater efficiency. The pandemic created an unexpected opportunity for me&u to supercharge growth due to their contactless, covid-friendly offering, so it was the perfect time to work with Fluent Group to define, streamline and optimise processes to achieve scalability. The following goals were collaboratively defined at the beginning of the project.

  • Streamline customer onboarding – the initial onboarding process took four weeks and at least four employees to complete the required activities to successfully onboard a client, including photography, design, training and POS integration. It was resource-heavy and limited the amount of new clients me&u were able to onboard, impacting their goal to grow.
  • Restructure the sales process – sales staff were physically visiting sites to sell to new customers which was time-consuming and limited me&u’s ability to scale without increasing headcount. The process needed to be redesigned to integrate technology to better support the sales team and achieve increased efficiency.
  • Support expansion goals – me&u needed to implement the right mix of technology and processes to support their expansion plans and growing customer base.
  • Enhance and scale customer service – due to the nature of hospitality and the desire to create convenient and easily-accessible communication channels for clients, cases were received via multiple sources, including WhatsApp and Slack. me&u wanted the ability to better track issues, understand their status and access analytics to continually improve.

“We have 15 steps we need to go through to get venues live, and it is very complex as a lot of the steps need to happen side-by-side. Salesforce has given us a central place to manage all of this and enabled us to redesign the process for a huge improvement in efficiency. Onboarding has been reduced from four to two weeks, and we can handle double the number of activations.”

Asheesh Chacko, Chief Operating Officer

Fluent Group solutions

Fluent Group spent significant time in me&u’s business to ensure an innate understanding of their challenges and develop tailored solutions that would meet their goals in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. After the initial discovery phase, Fluent Group implemented the following solutions.

Streamline sales and onboarding

Fluent Group enhanced me&u’s existing CRM solution to redesign their sales process for greater efficiency. Sales representatives were visiting venues in person to sell their product and manually onboard new clients, which was time-consuming and limited growth. Fluent Group converted their sales process into a digital approach and streamlined onboarding to create consistency and support scalability. The introduction of Sales Cloud and digital forms simplified the onboarding process to streamline the customisation of menus, beacons, marketing materials and payments.

Enhance customer service

To supplement the Sales Cloud solution and support their service team, Fluent Group implemented a customer service strategy using Service Cloud. An expansion into the UK meant customer support was required in multiple time zones to avoid lags in case resolution. Fluent Group implemented a follow-the-sun, digital, end-to-end workflow that provided the support team with the technology and data needed to solve problems quickly. As a result, cases are now visible worldwide and shared by the customer support team, regardless of their location. This workflow was created with further expansion in mind and can scale with me&u.

Omni-channel strategy

To support me&u’s goal of improving customer service, Fluent Group implemented an omni-channel strategy. This merged all customer requests from various channels into one place and provided me&u with the visibility to track cases in a single system. We used prioritisation and skills-based routing to distribute cases to the correct people and implemented automation for increased efficiency. We created a customised solution that identified the customers’ identification in the app and connected it to Salesforce to eliminate duplication of data input. This single source of data enabled greater efficiency for the support team, provided enhanced visibility and a permanent case record, created a real-time view of the status of inquiries, introduced automation for faster resolution and enabled holistic analytics for continued improvement.

Ongoing improvement

To provide ongoing tech support and ensure perpetual process improvement, Fluent Group continues to work with me&u under a managed services offering. This support model enables me&u to maintain best practises with their sales, service and process strategies and optimises their sales and marketing operations. Fluent Group’s ongoing involvement optimises revenue growth as me&u continue to scale and provides the support and oversight necessary to enable me&u to operate in the most efficient manner.

“Things are constantly changing here at me&u, and so we are thankful to fluent for being ever patient and adaptive to change. Anthony and Adam have always been there to support our Customer Experience team, very often out of hours on evenings and weekends and consistently willing to go over and above!”

Francesca Di Dino, Global Head of Customer Experience


The implemented solutions and strategies transformed me&u’s customer service approach, streamlined sales and onboarding processes for enhanced efficiency and provided transparency over their support model. This digital transformation created thoughtful solutions to me&u’s initial challenges and set the company up for future success. The solutions are scalable and offer enhanced visibility and analytics for constant improvement and increased efficiency. Since implementation, me&u has experienced significant benefits and continues to work with Fluent Group on innovative future tech solutions that will support their transformation of the hospitality industry.

Results and benefits

  • Achieved the automatic resolution of 40% of cases due to the introduction of automation that closes cases automatically when a customer submits a rating of 5/5.
  • Implemented a 24/7, digital, end-to-end customer service workflow with an omni-channel strategy that uses a skill-based routing approach, consolidates worldwide cases and provides prioritisation and greater visibility to create an efficient and exceptional customer service solution.
  • Supported customer transaction growth of 300% weekend to weekend at the conclusion of lockdowns. (source)
  • me&u now has 1000+ venues globally.
  • Over 10 million customers have used me&u to tap on and place an order. (source)
  • Reduced onboarding time by 50% by redesigning the process and introducing 15 clear steps.
  • Doubled the number of activations possible due to the streamlined onboarding process.
  • Have brought onboard the biggest pub group in Australia.

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